It's about time we made swatching colors FUN!!!

Looking to swatch out your favorite art stupplies? Grab this 100 page eBook FILLED with super fun color swatch templates from artists around the world for only $4.99!

You can print it out on your favorite art papers and start swatching instantly... while having a total blast! 

Best part?

No drawing skills required!!!

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What is a Fun, Fab Swatch Pad?

This eBook download contains over 100 fun hand-drawn designs by artist, Karen Campbell (author of the acclaimed How to Draw Fun, Fab Faces book series) and many many many of her talented artist friends from around the world!  

Print out your favorite pages from the book onto the art papers of your choice and use them to swatch out your art supply colors before your next project!


Why swatch with boring old circles and squares when you can swatch on hilarious, whimsical, beautiful and oh-so varied designs!!


Testing your colors out is a smart thing to do! Knowing exactly what colors you're using for a project BEFORE you begin is the best way to cut down on bad color choices and ruined designs!

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“Swatching colors is soooo important but it's also sooooo boring! Lol! I'm so glad now I can do it and have some FUN!”

Mandi Brown - Hobbyist

About Me

“I'm a mixed media artist/teacher/author who LOVES TO DRAW!!! I'm also an art supply junkie. Testing colors doesn't have to be arduous, I say it's high time we make it FUN!!!"

— Karen Campbell, Artist